Why in the world can’t I make sense?

In the world, I don’t make sense!

Free software and Zionism

Freely-licensed software

I received a good letter from the Free Software Foundation, today. They need help to bring more computing under the control of the users in this world that is flooded by products that are designed to take advantage of each user, so if you are “confused and even a bit frightened by the daily parade of technology horrors — data leaks, spying, backdoors, lock-in, arbitrary restrictions”, the FSF would like you to take your first steps towards a solution by using software that is free for the world to study and fix.

1913: Seeds of Conflict

pivotal pre-WWI years in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” — looks like a good historical video because it has so much detail that I could watch it several times. What I learned in particular was that during the Ottoman Empire of the ninetenth century, nationalism was emerging in Asia Minor (if not Europe as well, and this undermined the empire). To me, as the video almost makes explicit, this nationalism caught on with settling Jews in the form of Zionism.

Encrypted email, USA in Puerto Rico, ISIS, and offshore drilling

GNU Privacy Guard

Please learn to use encrypted email. You may test your configuration by emailing me, using my key ID in the footer. (Search for it using Enigmail or GPG)

FBI involvement in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

A message from Americans fighting ISIS

asking for airstrikes and weaponsDaesh is yet another name for ISIS.

Offshore Drilling Opposition

John Oliver, BookTV, and the movies


When I don’t have a clue
what there is to do
and nothing’s on the tube,
I could probably watch more John Oliver.

Tour of the Schomburg Center

with the great-grandson of Elijah Mohammad: c-span video 85044-1

Robert Burns on Kafka's Law

The Kafkaesque criminal justice system

Ted 2

boring movie, disappointing, not nearly as funny, could hear the bass from Jurassic World

PBS POV and E!

Out in the Night

This is an injustice in a court and in the media and cost years of someone‘s life when they should have been protected.

Mr. Robot

Christian Slater plays a revolutionary tech.

PBS and Andy Capp

Tonight’s PBS has been excellent:

North Carolina Now also showed a couple separate bee keepers. One was someone who decided to save bees, and he handled them without a suit, finding people who volunteer to keep a hive in their yards. Another beekeeper was an NC State grad, and she put parts of beehives on display in Durham. They were like ant colonies where you could see the internals. The first location was the Burt’s Beeswax company. Coincidentally, the aforementioned Inside Animal Minds taught me about what bee dancing communicates.

Turns out Andy Capp used to beat his wife.

Minimalist HTML Template

Here is a minimalist HTML template and a table template. They are compatible with what will become HTML5 and are my suggestions to get a webpage up and running with minimal effort and cruft, but they come with no warranty. You are free to copy, change and share.


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